This worries me.

Honestly, it has always worried me (and I’m not too keen on worrying). When I was young I heard about how the Roman empire, the “cradle of civilization”, in the end went up in flames. How? Why? What went wrong?


I had an idea about how we might want to concern ourselves with the speed and direction of our now fast-moving culture (as affected by media, social or otherwise).

Then I searched for it, and lo and behold the concept was at its core nothing new:

To forget our nature as finite human creatures is foolish. This intense cultural velocity, powered by the excess of modern technology, simply cannot go on forever. In ignoring ethical guides and boundaries in the pursuit of longer, better, more full-of-stuff lives, we certainly cut ourselves off, defeating ourselves from the very beginning. This race isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon, to be run with perseverance and virtuous direction.

So what can we do to slow down, examine our lives, and seek understanding? Or must we speed up? Must culture slow down? Can it slow down? Are we hurtling through space at dangerously incalculable speeds?

To answer those last questions:

Sometimes I think: I’m guilty of not being able to slow down.