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What is it about?

I don’t know yet, I will write about whatever I please since I find it hard to predict what I will be interested in years from now. So I might as well write about everything that interests me now, and see where that takes me.


Long ago, when I was trying to write blog posts with good content I found that I had a hard time writing in such a format. I rarely became satisfied with my work, and a lot of posts remained unpublished since I never quite felt they were done. This wiki is my solution to that problem. By having a living document always subject to revision I can feel a bit more comfortable publishing works-in-progress.

This wiki wouldn’t exist without Wikipedia and Gwern. Wikipedia taught me a lot about how to write lasting content, the importance of proper citations, and peer review. Gwern showed me how one person could gain a significant audience while still being somewhat unfocused. His writing also introduced me to the idea of Long Content which I’ve found more and more appealing, especially the context of software.