I’m hiring!

I’m looking for help with a variety of open source projects, and as an experiment offer compensation for your contributions. Compensation is offered by time spent (tracked with ActivityWatch).

The jobs available are generally programming-related, but I might expand this to non-technical tasks in the future.

Salary is negotiable, but expect a range of €40-100/h (depending on skill and difficulty of task).

Note: This is in an early experimental stage, feedback and ideas welcome!

Available jobs

Currently there are jobs available on the following projects:

The specific tasks available in each projects can vary from time to time, but I encourage you to look at recent issues and PRs and go from there. You can also contact me directly (see instructions below) and we’ll see if there’s something suitable for you.

Is the specific thing you’re interested in working on not listed? I’m open to suggestions!


What I expect from you:

I consider it a bonus if you:

How it works

Before getting started, contact me by email with the following brief information:

Then we’ll discuss terms.

Feel free to start working without my permission (in fact, I encourage you to!).

Getting paid

Once your work is done, I need a few things from you so you can get paid:

You are responsible for paying taxes on the income you get.

I’ve written about this elsewhere, here are a few links for reference:

Past jobs

In the past, I’ve paid:


These people have also helped out significantly, but have yet to receive any compensation: