I'm a year old male Homo Sapiens & M.Sc. in Computer Science student at Lund University.

I also happen to exist in the same universe as you.

Interests (Unordered, not exhaustive)


You can find the most up-to-date info on LinkedIn and some of my code on GitHub.


If you like something I did and you want to support me you can do so using one of the methods below. If you include a message of what I did that you liked I'll try to keep doing it!

If you feel generous and would rather like to donate to a charity than me directly, please keep reading. Whenever you donate to charity you should keep in mind that your money does different amounts of good in the hands of different organisations so please try to evaluate where you think it will do the most good and act accordingly.
Also: diversification is good.

Wondering where your money would do the most good?
Check out Giving What We Can and GiveWell.



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