I'm a year old male Homo Sapiens & M.Sc. in Computer Science student at Lund University.

I also happen to exist in the same universe as you.

Interests (In some arbitrary order)

Life (So far)

I once was a kid you know

When I about 5 years old, my uncle Wolf (yes, that's his actual name) who worked for Apple at the time got my family our first home computer apart from my dads work laptop, an iMac G3. Shortly after my other uncle Arne, developer of Sweden's first commercial videogame, got us a few games to play, notably Star Wars Racer and Carmageddon II. I played those two games like there was no tomorrow, seeing cars and podracers pass the finish line at 1st place (and blow up) they made me develop a deep bond with the machine.

"OMG, Broadband!"

A few months into kindergarten I found out that one of my new found friends had this amazing thing called broadband which gave you UNLIMITED access to the internet without having to dial up! I thought this was the coolest thing as I had been playing Shockwave games but with a time-restraint set by my parents. I barely remember Netscape, but I'm fairly sure I used it back then.

A short tale of admins with redskulls and the demise of Onyxia

So, in 3rd or 4th grade something interesting happened, there was this online MMORPG called Tibia which me, my friends, and pretty much every computer-game playing student on the entire school played it.
[In Progress]

Bitcoin is here! (also known as the "It's raining money!" era)

Somewhere in the beginning of 2011 I first found out about Bitcoin and I was thrilled about the possibilities that came along with it. Naturally, I began mining them. After a month or so I started thinking about expanding my mining operation, being 16 and financially responsible I decided that I could afford to risk 1500 SEK for a Radeon HD5850, so I bought one. So I had managed to accumulate a double-digit amount of Bitcoin over a few months mining off and on.

But then in May 2011 something interesting happened, the price rose by 3200% in 7 weeks. I was a part of the original insane speculative Bitcoin bubble, and I (like everyone else) went completely nuts (after all, we were going to the MOON!). But I managed to sell my double-digit amount of bitcoin at $28, not a bad deal, right? Well, if you've seen the price lately you know that it was a kind of a bad move. A few weeks later I accidentally short-circuited my HD5850 (Whoever decided it was a good idea to put metal flaps on SATA connectors, I'll find you).
But I'm not mad, after all, I'm lucky to even have had the opportunity to miss out on ~$50000.

In early June 2012 I started writing a small Bitcoin-trader that profited on simple spread trading on the Swedish Bitcoin market Kapiton. The investment was small and so was the profit due to relatively high fees on the market (1.35%) but in the end I think I made ~50$ over a couple of months on a 150$ investment, not bad. But the golden days didn't last long, the spread narrowed and the profits went down to levels that simply weren't worth my time and development halted entirely in early July since I was working at a corrugated fiberboard factory over the last 4 weeks of summer break. Then school resumed and development didn't really resume until a few weeks later, when the bot hadn't been running for several weeks and I found that the spread was once again large enough to make a significant profit, I once again started trading with the bot and made small upgrades and fixes when I had the time.
[In Progress]

Blown away by rationality

I had for the past couple of years read some of the writings of Gwern and had occasionally stumbled upon some of his posts on the site LessWrong. Unfortunately I had not payed the community much attention when the occasional link led me there but around the end of 2013 I began reading the Sequences and was completely blown away.

I had all my life been trying to be rational (despite friends and family with The Straw Vulcan view of rationality occasionally challenging my belief in it), but I had never gotten exposed to the kind of content that the people at LessWrong were contributing. I'd struck gold. As a consequuence, my reading list grew faster than ever before but the backlog is (relatively) quickly fading away.
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